Monday, February 15, 2010

Smart use of space in a master bath

To remodel during the 1970s we would combined two closets to create a master bathroom . In a recent remodels, the homeowners are seeking  to update the bathroom’s cabinetry and fittings to create a retreat tailored to their lifestyle.
Most couples are willing to give up the master bath’s tub for a luxury shower — having a tub in another bathroom for their guest or young children. DFW Interiors says that, when removing a tub — even if it’s the only bathtub in the house — most of there clients are remodeling for their lifestyle and that resale value is less of a concern. DFW Interiors also points out that replacing the tub with a shower increases the standing space. It’s almost double that of a curved and contoured tub. With their overlapping morning routines, the owners are  wanting two sinks in their master bathroom. Adding a linen cabinet to match your vanity will give that extra storage

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